About Gelatin Plate Printing

Gelatin Plate printing is a mono-printing process that uses a plate made out of… GELATIN! Here are some images of what the process – in it’s very basic form – looks like.

Gelatin Plate (L) with Ink template, paper and ink roller (R)

The plate is inked with water based relief printing ink

A stencil (shown) or even natural objects like grass, leaves, or stems are laid on the inked plate

Paper is laid on, pressed by hand, and removed. This is the first or original print

The stencil is removed, revealing the ‘Ghost’ print (this is the juicy stuff)

By layering ink colors and different stencils or shapes, the print obtains a very deep and textured quality. Here are some very early samples of my print process:

Mediation: an early piece with stems, yoga stencil and things


The Gelatin Plate will eventually degrade – become pitted, cracked and moldy. This only adds to the texture and surprise of the image. This is a good example of a degraded gelatin plate surface


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